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The Most Important Health Advantages of Juice from Concentrate for Individuals


Juice made from concentrate has become more and more popular, mostly due to economical reasons. Drinks that are reconstituted from concentrate often have financial benefits to the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, and retailer, and these savings are then passed on to the consumer.


The beauty about concentrate goes beyond merely the economical benefits, however. In fact, the various benefits of concentrate are too numerous to describe. Nevertheless, here is a quick summary. Have you ever wondered what’s so great about concentrate? Here are the most important health advantages of juice from concentrate for individuals – the consumer.


Concentrate does contain less vitamins than natural juice, but they do retain the majority. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Vitamin C. One cup of orange juice taken from concentrate contains the fully recommended dose of Vitamin C, according to studies. Vitamin C helps you metabolise cholesterol and acts like an anti-oxidant.
  • Vitamin A. Plenty of it to be found in concentrate – this vitamin helps you produce new blood cells and also helps you fight diseases such as lung cancer.


Our bodies don’t just need vitamins, they also need minerals – and here are some commonly found in concentrate:

  • Potassium. This mineral is commonly found in bananas and is associated with good muscle function. If you have trouble with muscle cramps, or feel dehydrated, potassium is the best way to go. Natural coconut juice should be your first juice – concentrated juices are your next best bet.
  • Manganese. One cup of pineapple concentrate can take care of your daily requirements. Manganese boosts collagen production and helps you metabolise food.

Increased fruit consumption

Not many people have fruit on a daily basis – concentrate juices from a reputable fruit juice manufacturer allow you to mix other ingredients (such as yoghurt or milk and cooked dishes) with concentrate to fulfill your daily needs.

More recipes

 Any recipe can be adjusted with concentrate to reach optimum flavour; it requires less time and less energy. It’s the perfect way to make healthy meals.

The great thing about using concentrate is that you can use a wide variety of fruit juices – from all over the world – in whatever recipe you choose. This is because it would virtually be impossible to use the fresh juice of the fruit due to the problems in storage and transportation. Fresh fruit juice doesn’t have a long shelf life. In other words, you can use the flavours and benefits of a certain fruit found on the other side of the globe without any safety concerns.

Furthermore, concentrate can be added to any recipe according to the strength of the flavour that is required. Concentrate is a win-win for everyone concerned. It’s a trend that will continue in the future for sure.

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Matcha Green Tea – How It Helps Your Health

The history and cultivation of the matcha green tea tea is interesting, but what’s important to most to drinkers is its health-boosting content. If you’re not taking matcha green tea regularly yet, you’re trailing behind the times!

The following are the main health benefits of this wonder beverage:

Cancer Prevention

The most notable catechin found in green tea is EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), whose anti-carcinogenic properties are established. According to a 2003 University of Colorado study, 1 cup of matcha green tea contains up to 137 times more EGCG antioxidants than there are in a cup of the typical green tea.


Some of the oldest people in the world today are Okinawans of Japan. Their longevity is partly a result of their daily matcha green tea habit. Although green tea matcha has always been is the most popular green tea in Japan, it is fast increasing in worldwide popularity due to its prowess in fighting inflammation, oxidation and aging.

LDL”BAD” Cholesterol Reduction

Based on a 2011 study, whose results were discussed in an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition issue, matcha green tea and other kinds of green tea or extracts, considerably lower LDL or bad cholesterol levels in the body when taken regularly.

Weight Control

In a research study featured in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 1999, catechin-rich green tea extracts were found to promote fat oxidation and thermogenesis more than the drink’s caffeine stores could explain. More specificially, researchers found that drinking green tea jacked up thermogenesis, the rate at which the body burns calories, from 8-10% to 35-43%.

In yet another study, it was shown that exercising immediately after drinking matcha green tea burns 25% more fat by the end of the exercise. On top of that, these two studies suggest that matcha green tea speeds up both the body’s fat-burning rate but also its resting metabolic rate!


As it is grown in the shade, matcha contains more chlorophyll than all other types green tea. Aside form lending leaves their green color, chlorophyll can also rid the body of a whole range of toxins and hormone disrupters.

Brain Power

Matcha green tea has up to 5 times more L-theanine, an amino acid known to fight stress, than the usual green tea. This allows the beverage to enhance focus and clarity of mind minus the jittery effects produced by coffee.

Healthy Bowel

Finally, organic matcha leaves are abundant in easily-absorbable dietary fiber, which is known to promote good bowel movement and stabilize blood sugar. Dietary fiber benefits the body by preventing constipation and stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Who knows how else matcha green tea can improve health? It’s great that you can now buy it in various convenient forms nowadays, although the most popular is still the organic matcha powder. You can even get a matcha tea set for a fuller experience. Don’t forget to include a matcha whisk that does the job just right. You’ll only discover if you try.

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