Apps to Find Gluten-Free Food

There is an app for everything these days, and that includes finding gluten-free food. These apps can be a literal lifesaver if you are allergic to gluten. These handy apps find gluten-free restaurants, food items in grocery stores and even recipes. Here are a few apps that are worth checking out.


For Restaurant Searches Use Find Me Gluten Free

With a little imagination, you can cook at home and cut out gluten. Eating out is more problematic. There is nothing worse than getting to a restaurant and realizing there is nothing on the menu you can actually eat. With Find Me Gluten Free , you can search nearby restaurants for ones with gluten-free dishes. It lets you search for restaurants near you as well as by name to find those with gluten-free options. Some will even have entire gluten-free menus as an alternative to the regular menu. Use this app to find Best Gluten Free Food Fort Myers Florida.

Avoiding Gluten in the Grocery Store with Handpick

Everyone has started a week full of good intentions to eat only fresh and healthy foods. Then, reality hits and there is no time to even pick up ingredients to cook at home. Handpick is a delivery app you use to create “smart bundles” of ingredients designed for three meals. For example, the Garden Harvest bundle contains lemon and garbanzo bean pilaf, lentils and spiced vegetables with chickpeas and butternut squash with candied pecan salad.

To order ingredients from this category, you choose Gluten-Free and Vegetarian Bundles, which cost $45 plus shipping. Some of the groceries include ingredients for mashed cauliflower with mushrooms and a chipotle quinoa dish. Tabs indicate which ingredients are dairy-free, vegetarian, gluten-free, or even protein-heavy paleo.

Use the daily newsfeed to post pictures of food on Instagram and Foodist or to get ideas from someone else on days when you are still stuck.

Scan Away Allergens with Shopwell

If you are allergic or gluten or other allergens, Shopwell is a handy app that you should use for groceries. This app is the real deal. It was created by dietitians, is based on USDA food guidelines and has been reviewed by medical journals. ShopWell lets you quickly scan 350,000 products for nutritional content. Set your profile to exclude added sugar, fats or allergens. Besides gluten, many other foods can be excluded, including tree nuts, lactose and shellfish. Note that gluten isn’t just in grains. Many sauces and malt beverages, such as beer, contain gluten. This comprehensive app lets you set health alerts for conditionals such as diabetes, nutrition goals or athletic training.

Even if you don’t have any food allergies and want to eat differently, using these apps is a smart way to improve your health. Whether you want to find gluten-free fare, or cut down on sugar or cholesterol, you don’t have to do it on your own anymore.